Find the common first two letters for a set of four words.

Do this for three sets and form a new word with the resulting six letters.

Puzzle Word: ______

Puzzle 1:

2 letters that start the following words:

DefinitionPlaster of any kind used as a coating for walls, especially, a fine plaster, composed of lime or gypsum with sand and pounded marble, used for internal decorations and fine work.__ucco

Definitionof Stratum__rata

DefinitionOld beer; sharp or strong liquor.__ingo

DefinitionAny one of a number of similar complex resins obtained from the bark of several trees and shrubs of the Styrax family. The most common of these is liquid storax, a brown or gray semifluid substance of an agreeable aromatic odor and balsamic taste, sometimes used in perfumery, and in medicine as an expectorant.__orax

Puzzle 2:

2 letters that start the following words:

Definitionof Itch__ched

DefinitionApplied especially to a kind of type in which the letters do not stand upright, but slope toward the right; -- so called because dedicated to the States of Italy by the inventor, Aldus Manutius, about the year 1500.__alic

DefinitionSee Yttria.__tria

DefinitionA silver coin of Japan, worth about thirty-four cents.__zibu

Puzzle 3:

2 letters that start the following words:

Definitionof Hyena__enas

DefinitionA hymn.__mpne

Definitionof Hydra__drae

DefinitionA theory which regards matter as the original principle of evil.__lism

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