Find the common first two letters for a set of four words.

Do this for three sets and form a new word with the resulting six letters.

Puzzle Word: ______

Puzzle 1:

2 letters that start the following words:

DefinitionTo offer in opposition as a criminal charge or by way of accusation or reproach; to adduce as an objection or adverse reason.__ject

DefinitionAlt. of Obdured__dure

DefinitionTo besiege; to beset.__sess

Definitionof Oblatum__lata

Puzzle 2:

2 letters that start the following words:

DefinitionAlt. of Lavolta__volt

DefinitionOne of a series of anhydrides resembling the lactams, but of an imido type; as, isatine is a lactim. Cf. Lactam.__ctim

DefinitionAn a lame, crippled, disabled, or imperfect manner; as, to walk lamely; a figure lamely drawn.__mely

DefinitionSee Lanier.__nyer

Puzzle 3:

2 letters that start the following words:

DefinitionThe lapwing; -- called also teuchit.__ufit

DefinitionThe holding by the fourth hand of the best and third best cards of a suit led; also, sometimes, the combination of best with third best card of a suit in any hand.__nace

DefinitionA white crystalline substance regarded as a hydrate of oil of turpentine.__rpin

DefinitionThe cicada.__ttix

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